Developing Igloos on Moon is Next Step of ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has started working on developing igloos for residence on the Moon. These structures will be called ‘lunar habitats’ and will be developed in the coming years. The organisation plans to send robots and 3D printers to the Moon to build them, using Moon’s soil and other material.

A 3D printer was used to create a working model of ISRO’s igloos. Scientists have drawn five designs for the project. The model is being kept at the lunar terrain test facility.

ISRO‘s Satellite Centre (Isac) director M Annadurai compared Moon outposts with India’s outpost in freezing Antarctica. He told TOI that space stations will be soon done away with as many countries are trying to replace it with some permanent structure on the moon. He said ISRO wanted to contribute to that.

He further said that astronauts going to the moon will spend few hours in the igloos and the ISRO wants to keep them safe. He said ISRO was building smart materials for use on the moon.

He said the space agency has attained mastery in building materials that, in composition, match with the samples brought from Moon by Apollo missions. India has 60 tonnes of lunar simulant, which will help greatly in the building of the igloos.


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